A firewall is the lock on the front door to your network and is a critical component in any robust security configuration.

The function of a firewall is to inspect all traffic entering and leaving your network, blocking rogue login attempts and other malicious attacks. With a staggering 638 million ransomware attacks reported in 2016, now is the time to outsmart the cybercriminals.

K3 Starcom recommends SonicWALL firewall solutions. The SonicWALL range of solutions have the following features as standard:

· Website/URL filtering (content filtering)
· Intrusion prevention service (IPS)
· Malware protection
· Application intelligence, control and real-time visualization
· Deep packet inspection of SSL-encrypted sessions (DPI-SSL)
· Virtual private networking (VPN) over SSL or IPSec
· Wireless security
· Stateful failover/failback

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