Protecting critical server functions and workloads is a crucial element of business management. Disaster recovery processes, however, often go untested. Meaning that when your company really needs them, they can be unreliable and often use outdated systems that take too long to get your business back online.

It is often the case that a company’s disaster recovery processes are dormant infrastructure at secondary sites. Their failure can lead to losses of important data, revenue and credibility.

Starcom disaster recovery enables your systems and data to endure minimum downtime should your business be the recipient of flooding or any other disaster.

Our disaster recovery service gives you the option of recovering data in the Starcom data centre and accessing it remotely, or having equipment shipped to site to enable us to recover your data locally. Either way, you can be sure of minimum downtime.

We take the time to understand each business we work with, allowing us to create bespoke disaster recovery solutions for their individual needs.

Starcom data recovery gives your company the peace of mind that should disaster strike, you will be covered. We will recover your data and have your systems back up and running in as quickly as possible.

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