Ensuring that you retain the best hardware and software that drives your business forward is often an overlooked task, but it’s also an important one. Not maintaining your current IT real estate can impact your business’ growth in unexpected ways.

K3 Starcom’s first-rate managed IT support services cover your infrastructure. From hardware and software to legacy equipment, we can ensure that whatever happens, you’re totally covered. Our support service means that you can rest assured that your current technology is working to its best possible standard, keeping your business up and running.

We offer a range of managed IT support services, depending on what your business needs. Our on site equipment workshop and legacy equipment store also provide us with ample resources to support ongoing hardware and legacy issues.

Key benefits of a managed IT support service include nationwide coverage, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We also offer access to our in-house helpdesk, service level agreements that meet the demands of your business, regular reporting, remote support carried out over remote secure connections to your system, remote troubleshooting and fixing and escalations to site.


We support a variety of products, devices and peripherals, but it is our ability to provide high-end server and storage systems that really makes us stand out from the rest of the IT crowd. We also support a wide range of servers, tape drives and libraries, DAS, NAS and SAN storage arrays and ISCSI and fibre channel infrastructure products.

Working closely with manufacturers such as ADIC, Brocade, Dot Hill, Dell/EqualLogic, EMC, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, Overland Data, QLogic, SpectraLogic and Tandberg Data allows us to ensure that whatever systems you operate, we can provide the hardware you need to support them.

All of our hardware support packages include includes all parts and labour, with no hidden fees. We also offer loan equipment, a hot-swap service, manufacturer-accredited engineers and a guarantee to cover hardware of all makes and models.


Software can cause problems just as severe as those posed by hardware issues. All of our software support agreements provide you with a first class service, to give you peace of mind that things will not stop working.

Through secure remote connections, our experts can diagnose software problems alongside telephone helpdesk services. This includes remote troubleshooting and fixes where poissible, meaing that if we can, we will solve your issues via the cloud. If remote repairs cannot be carried out, there is no extra charge for on-site support either.

K3 Starcom can provide support for all Microsoft applications and operating systems as well as many others.


We understand that not all businesses are in a position to deploy up-to-date or top-of-the-range equipment, so we have a number of legacy support options available, depending on your IT infrastructure. If you have problems with legacy systems, we have a number of support options available. From software and operating system support and maintenance, hardware support and maintenance to our replacement equipment for legacy machines that no longer have off-the-shelf support, we can work with you to provide support that meets your needs.

We have a large store of legacy equipment on-site, from which we can provide you with whole items or replacement components, should the need arise. In addition to this, we have a repair workshop with extensive experience in restoring and renovating legacy equipment, offering additional support for businesses that have problems with legacy systems.

We provide legacy support for a variety of systems, including Hewlett Packard HP 3000 and HP9000 Unix systems, Data General AViiON Unix systems, HP and EMC SAN & NAS storage solutions and full database administrator services for Oracle and SQL Server.