Managed Services

Getting the most out of your IT infrastructure requires time, resources and financial investment.
K3 Starcom’s cloud and managed services can take the strain off you while you concentrate on your core business. Our range of managed services can suit any budget, sector and headcount.

Alongside the individual services offered by K3 Starcom, we also pride ourselves on our unrivalled expertise and understanding of business grade IT infrastructure. Tap into high-level, expert consultants as and when you need them, to get the most out of your investment.

K3 Starcom’s IT business Consultancy services are designed to meet the needs of an organisation that might not require a full-time in-house IT department, but need a trusted third party to rely on for strategic and operational advice and activities. We often support in house IT departments when resources are overstretched or lack a particular skill, so our consultancy can be based on precise needs and timescales.

Our IT business Consultancy contracts will give you the day-to-day support as well as hardware and software management, meaning that any issues can be rectified swiftly.

Business Continuity

K3 Starcom’s range of business continuity services and products are designed to ensure that your organisation can continue to operate if affected by any number of threats and attacks to your IT infrastructure, including hardware and software.

With the dramatic rise in successful cyberattacks, hacks and data breaches, it’s more important than ever that businesses maintain a frontline of defence against them. The technology to counteract and prevent them has also advanced dramatically and we have a range of options to safeguard your business, employees and assets.

We approach security holistically; from ensuring that appropriate technology and services are deployed to prevent successful attacks, to ongoing education and sharing best practice technologies and protocols. Our services are multi-tiered and offer a great level of flexibility, depending on your requirements and budget.


K3 Starcom’s Back-up is fully encrypted and remotely stored in our datacentres, meaning that it is kept secure at all times. To reduce bandwidth, storage, time and costs, we employ specially designed software to analyse files marked for backup. This in turn means that only incremental and monitored files are backed up, giving you greater control of the data we store on your behalf.

Our Back-up services cover a wide variety of service levels, from self-managed backup software, to managed and monitored solutions. Depending on the size and output of your business, we also offer assisted data recovery and on-site services too, as well as a variety of accessibility options via our IT helpdesk.

Designed to give you the ultimate peace of mind and security that your business is suitably protected, K3 Starcom’s Back-up service delivers, every time.

Disaster Recovery

While Disaster Recovery is not the most exciting element of your IT strategy and infrastructure, your business may face untold damage to operations and reputation should the worst happen.

K3 Starcom’s Disaster Recovery services gives you the option of recovering data from our datacentre and accessing it remotely, or by us accessing the affected equipment and locally recovering the data. Either of these services are streamlined and capable of delivering robust Disaster Recovery services with minimal downtime.

K3 Starcom’s Disaster Recovery services are designed with you in mind; we take the time to understand how a disaster could impact your business and work on a strategy and solution that is fit for purpose, both now and as your business grows.

Server Monitoring

K3 Starcom’s RMM (Remote Management & Monitoring) is our proactive service. With the ability to monitor all aspects of your IT infrastructure, monitoring network connection, bandwidth, backups and both SNMP and RAID devices.

We have systems in place that mean corrective actions are launched upon discovery of any potential failures in your system. In many cases, this will mean that the fix has been implemented before your users are affected, which is one of the key benefits of our RMM Service. The K3 Starcom support team views all activity in real time too, meaning you have the ultimate peace of mind that your IT infrastructure is being monitored around the clock.

We also provide access to a client portal, so you can monitor and maintain records of your own. This managed service is delivered as a fixed-price monthly plan.


With the dramatic rise in successful cyberattacks, it’s more important than ever to discover the benefits of managed security services. The good news is that, while these attacks have gained momentum, the technology to counteract and prevent them has also advanced dramatically.

We have a range of options to safeguard your business, employees and assets. Our approach is to ensure your business is reaping the full benefits of managed security services. We approach security holistically; from ensuring that suitable technology and services are deployed to prevent successful attacks, to ongoing education and sharing best practice technologies and protocols.

Critically, Managed Security covers email and web scanning and filtering, disaster recovery and ensuring that your business is protected. We have security experts available around the clock and have exceptional relationships with trusted security service providers, to ensure that we are always providing the full benefits of managed security services to protect your business.


Viruses can cause serious issues to businesses. The infection rates and damage caused by these viruses is rising and one overlooked device in your company could be the ‘back door’ that compromises your entire business.

K3 Starcom’s Managed Antivirus for businesses can help you stay ahead of the malware threat, viruses and ransomware attacks, both known and emerging. We have a 100% track record of blocking of all known viruses and spyware, and take a proactive approach to maintaining this.

As with all our Managed Services, you can receive daily email reports with our antivirus for businesses keeping you abreast of the condition of your IT estate. We also take a considered approach to implementing new technologies and services, which also goes hand-in-hand with ensuring that your technology is running on the most up-to-date software and patches too.

Firewall Protection

At K3 Starcom, we deploy SonicWALL business firewall solutions because they deliver a best in class service. A business firewall is the first layer of protection against your IT real estate – both digital and physical – and is a frontline defence against malicious attacks.

There were a reported 638 million ransomware attacks reported in 2016, so now is the time to act to protect your business against these criminals, if you haven’t already done so.

SonicWALL is a trusted partner of K3 Starcom, consistently delivering solutions that have protected our clients for over 15 years. The service can include, but is not limited to, filtering content on websites and in URLs for malicious material, malware protection, wireless security, stateful failover and intrusion prevention service (IPS).

Business firewall protection is available as a standalone service that you can self-manage; alternatively, speak to us today about a managed security service that can extend the useful life of your IT estate and drive costs down.





From assisting in developing IT strategy to acting as a frontline for your business’ IT demands and infrastructure, K3 Starcom’s Consultancy service is perfectly placed to support your business grow its IT provision.

Whether that’s in lieu of an in-house IT team or supporting a larger team, we can provide strategic guidance, perform infrastructure health checks, support with project management and implementation, configure hardware, install software, perform administration and management of your provision and maintain regular housekeeping.

At K3 Starcom we have decades of experience and a breadth of knowledge, meaning you can remain confident that, whatever your issue, we can help. Not only is this a viable option for growing businesses, it’s also cost effective – every penny you spend goes directly towards the time spent on solving your issues and delivering best-in-class consultancy services to you.


At K3 Starcom we utilise market-leading VMware Virtualisation to power the Starcom Cloud; K3 Starcom’s secure and resilient cloud service. VMware supports all platforms, from desktop and server virtualisation to complete software-defined data centre virtualisation.

Virtualisation is a service that offers precise flexibility and scalability, driving up performance and availability of resources.

If reducing capital and operation costs, increasing the efficacy of your IT infrastructure, enabling the centralised management of your IT infrastructure and improving your disaster recovery and business continuity processes are of interest, virtualisation is a viable option.