Cloud Services

K3 Starcom managed Cloud Services enable you to make the most out of your IT infrastructure and systems by placing them in our hosted cloud environment, enhancing your business’s performance and agility. Hosting many programmes and applications can become difficult to manage, but our expertise means you’ll benefit from the best technological and security developments with Starcom’s managed cloud services.

Hybrid Cloud offers companies complete flexibility in terms of IT infrastructure, while also paying close attention to the different needs of each business function and their data requirements.

By allowing workloads and data to transfer between the public and private elements of your cloud infrastructure, businesses can achieve greater flexibility and more data deployment options than ever before.

We are one of the only Hybrid Cloud providers that can continue to host sensitive or critical data and workloads in what may end up being bespoke environments, while utilising excellent business tools in Public Cloud elements of your Hybrid Cloud provision.

Hybrid Cloud solutions are completely bespoke to your particular needs as a business. Unlike other Hybrid Cloud providers, we can deliver a Hybrid Cloud solution that can potentially transform business practices while also delivering an excellent return on your investment and minimal downtime and cost.

Private Cloud

K3 Starcom’s types of Private Cloud allow businesses to host data, applications, software and infrastructure across multiple UK-based datacenters.

A private cloud is dedicated to a single organisation, offering a similar level of scalability and self-service to public cloud solutions but has the added protection of being dedicated services, delivered separately to Public Cloud platforms.

Private cloud is a viable option for businesses that need dedicated, private hosting. K3 Starcom’s types of Private Cloud come with the knowledge and skills of our 30-strong technical support team, delivering unrivalled support as and when you need it.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

K3 Starcom’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is a data and application backup model which is designed to protect your business against total system failure. By using DRaaS, we can replicate and host your business data and applications offsite on our cloud servers.

Disaster Recovery as a Service is a straightforward and affordable means of disaster recovery. In the case of a disaster, we provide state of the art support, from accommodating your server room in portable parts, replacement backup equipment, over 7,500 work area recovery positions and access to purpose-build recovery centres, should you need it.

K3 Starcom’s Disaster Recovery as a Service includes ship-to-site services, mobile and workplace recovery, data vaulting and flexible, client-focused service level agreements and costs.

Our award-winning DRaaS solution means you can rest assured that your IT systems are securely backed up so you can keep running your business with minimal disruption.




Infrastructure as a Service

We are one of the leading Infrastructure as a Service providers. K3 Starcom’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provides virtualised services via our Cloud infrastructure. We can deliver servers, storage and networking on demand, without placing demand on your IT staff or incurring costs to your business.

K3 Starcom hosts IaaS services for clients on our Enterprise Class Cloud, meaning you can expect the best technology. It’s also underpinned by service level agreements that we can tailor to meet your needs, and you have complete flexibility with your infrastructure needs.

We are different to other Infrastructure as a Service providers in that our IaaS operates on a pay-as-you-go model, meaning that you can scale your requirements up and down according to your usage, freeing up capital and internal resource.

The benefits of using K3 Starcom as your IaaS provider means that your infrastructure is remotely accessible on any device and you can reduce the environmental impact of in-house resources and systems. You can also monitor usage and be truly responsive to your business and drive growth forwards, while we take the burden of infrastructure management off your hands.



Platform as a Service

Choosing between platform as a service providers can be a minefield. K3 Starcom’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) allows businesses to run existing applications, or develop and test new ones, without the need to invest in complex infrastructure.

With K3 Starcom’s PaaS, there is no need to buy or maintain hardware or operating systems like other platform as a service providers. Operating on a pay-as-you-go model, you can rely on the hardware, operating systems, storage and network capacity that we offer for as long as you need them.

K3 Starcom’s PaaS allows developers to focus on creating the software that will add real value to your business, rather than running infrastructure. We take care of the maintenance and upgrading of the environment too, reducing your overhead costs.

There are no upfront infrastructure costs or risks with our PaaS offering, removing development and deployment headaches as well. We are different to other platform as a service providers because we manage the maintenance so you have no need to pay for anything more than what you use.




Software as a Service

K3 Starcom’s Software as a Service (SaaS) delivers your business applications via the cloud, enabling you to access them literally anywhere there is an internet connection. Not many SaaS providers can make this claim!

Hosted on our Private Cloud, our SaaS solution provides bespoke resources and a design dedicated to each customer’s needs. We take the burden of hardware and software security, upgrades, maintenance, availability and performance off your hands, giving you the same benefits as internally operated services, but without the price tag.

SaaS applications are hosted on two highly secure, ISO certified tier 3 UK-based data centres, offering additional levels of protection against your digital infrastructure.

K3 Starcom are different to other SaaS providers because our solution is scalable to meet seasonal or sustained growth, meaning you can focus on driving your business forward.

Storage as a Service

K3 Starcom’s Storage as a Service (STaaS) enables you to take advantage of our excellent storage infrastructure without having to invest in cost-driving hardware.

The costs associated with purchasing, managing and hosting a storage platform can be vast and complex, even with the most stringent of planning. Using K3 Starcom infrastructure takes that burden off your hands, delivering a cost-effective storage solution that is perfectly scalable, on our Private Cloud service.

Data is a business’ most important asset and replacing it could be impossible, should you lose it. Storage as a Service takes that pressure off your hands and ensures that your data remains secure and accessible.

K3 Starcom’s Storage as a Service Service allows you to align your IT spend with data consumption, because our model means that you only pay a monthly fee on each GB of storage used. We also offer additional STaaS services with our partner Zadara. It’s rapid and secure, and allows you to scale up or down, depending on your storage needs at any given time.



Public Cloud

Public Cloud service providers share infrastructure across many different users, business departments or companies, while retaining the robust security and accessibility that Private Cloud solutions offer, but without the cost involved in acquiring private datacentre storage.

While the term might be off putting, Public managed Cloud hosting is perfectly suitable for a whole range of businesses, because it means that you can use off-the-shelf products and services that are fit for purpose at any given time.

Public managed Cloud hosting has three main benefits. It’s an easy and inexpensive solution to set up, with the hardware, application and bandwidth costs being covered by the provider in question. It offers durable scalability, to meet your growing needs, and there are no wasted resources because you pay for what you use.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon is also a major player in the Public Cloud arena, having launched Amazon Web Services (AWS) in 2006. AWS offers users power, database storage, content delivery and networking to users.

The flexibility inherent in AWS means that over 50 services are available and allow businesses to respond quickly to changing and growing demand. Security is a core benefit of AWS, as it can offer stronger security than on-premise hosting.

AWS is exceptionally well regarded by users, dominating in terms of management, interface, integration, complexity, support, training and reporting over other platforms.

Utilising a global infrastructure, AWS can deploy your applications from network points that are close to your end user, ensuring the best user experience and lowest possible latency too.


Azure is Microsoft’s cloud platform, which allows developers to build and host services. It’s an open platform, which means that it supports both Microsoft and non-Microsoft environments.

Managed by Microsoft, it provides SaaS, PaaS and IaaS, as well as high density hosting, website hosting, mobile services and a plethora of data management and storage solutions.

Azure offers a range of flexibility when it comes to tools, including connecting cloud and on-premise platforms and leverages open source technologies to deliver greater value and connectivity on your investment.

Google Cloud Platform

Google’s Cloud Platform offers industry leading performance and state of the art security, without the price tag associated with private hosting.

Google’s pricing model allows for heightened cost visibility, as it bills in minute-level increments, so you only pay for the computer time used with minimal commitment required, making it perfect for start-ups and smaller businesses.

Google also has one of the biggest networks in the world, giving you access to exceptional infrastructure. It also offers live migrations of virtual machines, taking the burden of migration off your hands without worrying about machine reboots.

Google’s Cloud Platform can deliver improved performance alongside state of the art security that has been developed over the course of 15 years. It’s the same security that protect products like Gmail and Google Search, too.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud allows you to take advantage of cloud bursting as well – the practice of utilising Public Cloud to access additional computing resources when demand increases.

Hybrid Cloud solutions require robust management, to ensure you’re making the most of both public and private cloud facilities. K3 Starcom is a perfect partner to manage your Hybrid Cloud solution because we manage cloud services for clients in a variety of sectors and of a multitude of sizes, too.