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Fight against ransomware with SonicWall

Petya, WannaCry, Locky – what do these cyberattacks all have in common? They are forms of ransomware, a particularly nasty type of malicious programme that allows criminals access to your computer files, locking down access to them in exchange for a ransom, hence the name.

Ransomware poses a real threat to businesses because a successful attack can cripple your output, data, processes and future successes. Our partners SonicWall have developed this guide for IT managers on how your can protect your network.

But a key element of maintaining a frontline defence against cyber attacks lies with your staff.

Read this e-book to better understand ransomware attacks and how they’re delivered. Learn how ransomware works and the tactics cybercriminals use to infiltrate your firewall. Get guidance on how to detect vulnerabilities within your organization and block threats such as phishing emails and malicious advertising. You’ll also discover how you can protect against hidden malware in encrypted traffic and safeguard your business against modern-day ransomware attacks.

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