Palatine Private Equity

Palatine Private Equity is an award-winning private equity firm that invests in companies and entrepreneurial ventures of all sizes around the UK.

With over 40 years’ experience in the investment market, they apply their extensive knowledge to great effect in various sectors such as; finance, retail, healthcare, telecoms, pharmaceuticals, environmental services and hotels and leisure.

Prior to the formation of Palatine Private Equity, the board had founded Zeus Private Equity, which used K3 Starcom for its hardware support and backups.

In 2007, upon forming Palatine, a brand new in-house IT system was purchased. The consultants and engineers at K3 Starcom first set-up, then looked after, all of their IT systems for over of 6 years.

Whilst their in-house servers were well maintained by K3 Starcom, the Palatine management team decided to consolidate their in-house servers by migrating to a single server cloud environment.

By doing this, Palatine Private Equity were able to gain huge financial benefits and also add more scope to their general business operations.

After the migration Palatine Private Equity had access to the remarkable benefits of a cloud server solution including:

• Access the server and applications from any location with an Internet connection
• No in-house server hardware to support
• Reduced power consumption costs
• No requirement for future capital expenditure such as hardware, software and applications
• Heightened levels of security
• Unlimited storage capacity available 24/7/365

Today, K3 Starcom maintain all of Palatine Private Equity’s services on a cloud network, relieving them of any stress with IT systems and ensuring that costs are kept as low as possible, reducing all unnecessary expenditure.

K3 Starcom’s cloud environments are built for both reliability and efficiency, protecting their clients’ investments with an all-round professional service.