Ernest Bentley and Sons Ltd are South Manchester’s oldest and most established independent builders, plumbers and roofing merchants. They have supplied products tradesmen and the general public for over 75 years. In addition to supplying merchants with specialist materials, they also offer various services such as an estimation from a local representative and a next-day delivery guarantee.

Like many companies, despite the fact their business had flourished, Ernest Bentley and Sons IT systems had not been updated for nearly a decade.

This had become a real problem for them, with their existing hardware becoming increasingly unreliable and struggling to cope with large amount of data it now had to handle. On a number of occasions, it even made them unable to process orders.

They began to look for a way to update their existing systems quickly and inexpensively; however, they soon realised that buying the IT equipment they needed and installing it without their own IT professionals would take time and require a huge investment.

When Ernest Bentley and Sons contacted K3 Starcom, we identified that they could benefit from using the cloud. This would enable them to use what they need, when they need it, from an IT provider off-site, rather than buying a new in-house system.

Our consultants laid out a clear and easy to read plan to show Ernest Bentley and Sons how the system worked, the extra benefits they would get and why it was a better idea. Ernest Bentley and Sons were happy with the plan and were eager to test the new system in practice.

K3 Starcom ensured the switch caused minimal impact to the company; replicating the data and testing the new system fully before switching them over from their old servers.

Within one day Ernest Bentley and Sons had a new, faster and more robust system which was capable of handling the amount of data being used and orders being processed.

In addition to providing the new system, K3 Starcom made sure all of the company’s staff were trained to use the system and able to carry out all of their day-to-day tasks with ease. We also gave them a dedicated support line for any queries they might have.

While the interface of the system itself did not actually change very much, the staff were urged to call if they had any questions; often the key to trusting in a new system is the peace of mind which comes from knowing the support is there as and when it’s needed and K3 Starcom always endeavor to provide the necessary support as well as the systems required.

Today, Ernest Bentley and Sons use the cloud for all of their day-to-day tasks such as emails, quotations and Microsoft Exchange and Office, leaving their in-house system free to handle their accounts without slowing down their network.

With the money they saved by switching to a remote server, they chose to ensure their data was backed-up off-site, protecting their system in case of disasters or theft, and also to have support from K3 Starcom as and when required.

The move from an in-house server to a fully backed-up cloud based system also means that senior staff at Ernest Bentley and Sons could access company documents from anywhere in the world, using the internet to connect securely.