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Can your firewall do more for you? Time to activate SonicWall’s Capture ATP

Hackers are using encryption as a way of disguising malicious threats and viruses, making it harder for technology to spot attacks. Considering that encrypted traffic accounts for 60% of modern internet traffic, encrypted attacks are a growing opportunity for these hackers by hiding in plain sight.

So, is your firewall protecting you against these modern threats? If your appliance is over three years old, it may not be able to safeguard your business. As a SonicWall Gold Partner, we are able to offer competitive upgrades against your existing firewall for complete protection.

One standout feature that comes with a SonicWall firewall is its new Capture ATP service. It is a cloud-based, multi-engine sandbox that stops both known and unknown cyberattacks from critically impacting your business. It works by effectively stopping encrypted threats in their tracks, in ways that legacy firewall systems just can’t cope with.

To see Capture ATP in action, have a look at this demo.

Combine this with the dramatic reduction in bandwidth costs, and your organisation could really benefit from a slicker and faster service that delivers you complete end-to-end protection.

To find out more about activating Capture ATP or how we can improve your overall firewall protection, please get in touch today.

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