K3 Starcom is part of the K3 Business Technology Group, a leading supplier of integrated and cloud-based business systems to organisations and companies of all sizes.

K3 Starcom is part of the K3 Business Technology Group (K3 BTG), the UK’s leading supplier of integrated business systems.

K3 Starcom is the result of a merger between an international hosting provider and an onsite infrastructure specialist with over 25 years’ collective experience delivering on-premise and cloud server design and support, providing us with a unique combination of skills, experience and ability to help your business.

We also have on-premise technicians and infrastructure, support, consultancy and systems integration services to provide you with the maximum flexibility.


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If security is a concern for your business – maybe you’ve suffered from a cyber attack or want to find out how to prevent staff from ‘leaving the back door open’ – then join us.

Thursday 11th October 2018

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